‘A Miscarriage of Justice‘, is an interactive transmedia documentary which brings history to life by transporting the viewer to the 1960’s to bear witness to one of the most political executions in Australian history, the hanging of Ronald Joseph Ryan. Ronald Ryan’s execution became significant in many ways and went on to contribute to the abolishment of capital punishment in Australia. The narrative evolves in a holistic manner transcending the screen and expanding into the physical world across curated platforms using a mix of forms such as virtual reality (360/3D cinematic), augmented reality, animation, projected installations, drama and documentary,

Projected installations, interactive newspapers and 3D scanning software add another layer of immersion to the storytelling.  This part of the project can be viewed as a standalone project viewed via the link on this page or via a VR mounted head set.  The projected installations can be screened on any wall and or VR Cinema adding an element of immersion which places you in the story world immediately once you enter the space and just before you put on your head set.

The following Walking Tours are not of my creation, but I thought they would be interesting to introduce.  They take you to the scene of the crime, become fully immersed in where Ronald Ryan and Jean Lee spent some of their final days before being captured. Walking Tours of Melbourne,  traces Ronald Ryan’s steps before he was captured after his escape with fellow accomplice Peter Walker from Pentridge Prison. The escapees fled to a hideout in Elwood which triggered a riot of terror resulting in murder and bank robbery.

This walking tour brings the spectator closer to the story by immersing them in the journey which finally led to the capture of these escapees. Investigate six locations in Elwood and the history of pivotal events  in this extraordinary saga.

Twisted History runs a tour exploring the dark side of Carlton and traces the location of where Jean Lee and her accomplices sealed their fate. This tour starts at the Old Melbourne Gaol.

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