B-Division in 3D, is a 3D virtual tour of the notorious Pentridge Prison’s B-Division in Melbourne, Australia and was created using 3D scanning software.  The purpose of this project is to bring the spectator closer to the experience of seeing what it really looks like inside a high security prison. The reason I undertook this project was to promote and preserve an aspect of history that will soon be lost as this part of the prison is set to be completely renovating into a hotel complex and day spa.

This work plugs into the transmedia narrative project, ‘A Miscarriage of Justice’, and can be viewed online or for a more immersive experience via a virtual reality mounted head set.

Phase 1 of the experience takes you and up close into prison cells, hallways and into solitary confinement.

Phase 2 which is currently in development introduces you to prisoners who pop up in different cells or are seen walking in hallways.  Its up to the spectator to decide who they wish to speak to or interact with as they take the tour.

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