An Investigation into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Storytelling: Exploiting Innovative New Forms of Immersion in Reality and Challenging the ‘Norms’ of Storytelling.

The aim of the dissertation is to investigate and provide a descriptive understanding of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) storytelling forms. By examining the creative and technical aspects and identifying the opportunities that these platforms offer to producers of screen content.  My interest in emergent VR and AR technology is in exploring experiential storytelling and alternate realities.  My investigation of immersive interactive experiences has led me to engage with history, employing an engaging location-based method.  The emphasis is on exploring the impact of presence, point of view (POV) ownership of space, scriptwriting for 360, set and setting, vastness of space in 360 and spectatorship.   I hope to clarify the opportunities and limitations in this space in order to open up areas of storytelling that may not have been considered.


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