‘Come Sit With Chloe’ an interactive AR Experience

I am currently in development on an Augmented Reality app about Chloe, the famous nude portrait which sits on the wall of the Young and Jackson Hotel in Melbourne, titled  ‘Come sit with Chloe‘. This project will be an AR app which brings the ghost of Chloe to life in the most extraordinary way.  This work pays homage to the young Parisian model named Marie who was immortalised by French academician and teacher, Jules Joseph Lefebvre in 1875.



‘Pentridge’, an interactive AR transmedia documentary
Also in development is a series of Augmented Reality apps focusing on bringing some of Australia’s landmarks to life, we are currently in the production phase of telling the story of the many men who walked through the gates of  Pentridge Prison, titled ‘Another brick in the Wall’.  Pentridge opening in 1851 and closed in 1997.  It was classified as a ‘maximum security’ prison and housed some of the most notorious prisoners in Australia.



Currently in development  on an interactive documentary about Ms Saffaa, a feminist Saudi
street artist who protests the sexist law of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia. This project will be cross platform and include an AR, VR and interactive website.  It will also include an arts installation using digital media.
Artwork: Ms Saffaa and her collaborators

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